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In addition, Honorpro manages sports and fitness projects around the world, also have been working for different reputable Brands such as the following :

    China Telecom
    Guangdong Pearl River Investment Management Group Ltd
    Taiwan Merchant Association Shenzhen
    Hitachi Refrigerating Machine Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
    Mitsui Chemicals ZhongShan
    Guangzhou Toyota Co. Ltd.
    Giordano International Holdings Limited of Hong Kong
    Samsung Hong Kong Branch
    China Mobile Group Guangzhou Company Limited
    Hitachi Elevator
    Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong Ltd
    Societe Generale (China) Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
    China Merchants Bank
    Guangdong Development Bank
    Daewoo Securities (Hong Kong) Limited
    Fortune(HK)Securities Limited
    Chong Ou Pacific Group Co. Ltd
    LI & PARTNERS Hong Kong Kency Group Ltd.
    Sun Star Centre Company Limited(Macao)
    Philip Lo Henan Company
    Sonic International Limited
    Komatsu Huanan Limited
    Kwong Yu Plastic Factory Limited
    Charming Industrial Company Limited
    King Faith International Limited
    Canada Land Limited
    WT Microelectronics Co., Ltd.


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Red Flag Valley Club